Abandon or Complete

Abandoned: in the case where a job is abandoned, perhaps the nature of the job turns out to be so different to that reported or the customer refuses access to the property, etc. the abandonment can be recorded here.

It is important to accurately record the reason for abandonment as this may be discussed in contract governance meetings or you may be called to give an account of why the job was abandoned at some point in the future.

Completion: fill this section in to manually record job completion, this is automatically updated where field workers are using the mobile platform. Select yes if the job has been completed subsequent to an inspection, if the job was completed without an inspection then set this field to no.

Completion: this is less important to organisations which use the mobile system to get customer sign-off for jobs and/or where a Job Completion Certificate (JCC) is generated. This and finger signatures are available on all modern smartphones and tablets with workspacecloud.