Add Job

Select Customer & Property when you receive a job notification you can use a number of methods to find the customer / property record, jobs must be related to a customer and a property so this is very important. You can optionally add a Customer / Property or change the job's status or priority at this point too.

Add SOR Items and Resources even though the nature of the job may change when the tradesperson arrives and investigates further you need to allocate SOR items and optionally resources to the job. You can leave allocating the resource until the planning process if you like. It may be necessary to add SOR Items and resources at this point but this is quite unusual.

Allocate Materials the job may require materials and these can be allocated when you add the job or later in the process. Optionally you can create a purchase order for materials as well as add internal stock. If materials need to be returned you can create a credit note.

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