Select Dashboard your system administrator will assign charts and dashboards to you based on your security level and role within the organisation, you will be presented with a list of dashboards to select from.

Browse Charts the charts on an analytical dashboard tend to go from top to bottom, left to right, getting more an more granular as they go. For instance, the Invoice Dashboard starts by displaying Gross Profit by contract and job category getting more and more detailed until you get down to today's invoices.

The dashboard also shows views on labour, materials, SORs and also gives you invoice volume analysis. If you have a system administrator they can add new charts or change existing charts without having to know anything technical also your Client Success Manager is happy to help, if you come up with a new idea for a chart let us know and we may just add it to the suite.

Drill, Investigate & Act many charts, especially those showing unfavourable incidents or trends allow you to drill down to the particular items, e.g. where you can see that a particular resource is late for a job you can drill into the reasons and take the best action, it may be that resource is always given the jobs between junction 10 and 14 of the M25 or it may be that they can't get out of bed in the morning, having the facts helps you to take the right action.

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