Basic Contract Data

Contract Short Code: every contract needs to have a short code, you can decide how you structure the code, most clients just use something that would remind them of the contract and differentiate the contract from other ones with similar names.

In this example the customer uses the first letter of the Housing Association 'D' and then appends a short word such as 'R&M' for repair and maintenance, in this case the contract is for voids so the work 'VOID' is used. Any workspacecloud user in the company would immediately know that this contract is the Dove Housing Association Void Contract. You could use letters, numbers or even a structured code if you like.

Contract Name: enter the name for the contract in full into this field. Note this may be used on reports etc that you may wish to send to the customer so ensure that the wording will match with your customer's expectations.

Description: this is a large text field, put all the information in here to help someone new to the contract to get a good overview of it. In this case the description repeats the contract name and adds the fact that the contract uses a standard schedule of rates with a negotiated uplift.

Contract Category: this is a select list, which can be configured by an administrator to have different option if necessary, the standard options are: Housing Association (as in this example); Local Authority; Maintenance or Service Contract.

Start & Review Dates: these are the dates at which the contract starts and the date when your client will review the contract. Use the review date to drive your business development people to engage to try and roll the contract over.

Allow SMS to Customers: set this to Yes if you have agreed to notify customer (residents or property managers) by SMS of job progress etc.

Lead Source: if you do a lot of advertising, for instance Google AdWords or trade magazines it is useful to track the effectiveness of different ways to attract new contracts. This field has a number of pre-set options but these options are a part of the configuration process and will change for you based on the type of business development activity you undertake.

Lead Source Other: use this field to describe the source of the lead if you have selected 'Other' in the Lead Source field. For instance you may not have 'Customer Recommendation' as an option so select 'Other' and type this into the Lead Source Other field.