The Client

The organisation that maintains our portfolio of properties does a very good job for us; workspacecloud makes sure that the services are delivered to agreed KPIs and that I am kept informed about and serious or potentially risky incidents or situations.

I love the collaborative approach; the nice thing is that is a tenant reports a problem to us we can log it for them and even request a time slot on their behalf, everything is integrated and there was no IT involvement necessary to get us onto the system. We actually feel like we are collaborating to solve problems rather than managing a contract in a transactional way.

I love my KPI dashboard and not having to wait for printed service delivery reports. I think that we have a successful contract relationship because our maintenance organisation can focus on its job rather than having to generate KPI reports, raise invoice after invoice and keep repeating mistakes.

The most impressive thing is that they keep coming up with inspired ideas about delivering a better service more efficiently, I wish that all of my contractors had workspacecloud.

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