Compelling User Experience

Mobile workers, tradespeople, engineers and surveyors can use on any modern device and, because we have designed a beautifully simple user experience, people love to use workspacecloud.

Principles of Creating a Compelling User Experience

Different people use software in different ways, they just do, it is not just the difference between the occasional user or the power user or even the difference in the degree to which the user is used to using software - it is actually the difference in the users persona that matters.

We know this at Workspace Systems so we build everything to be simple, beautiful and a joy to use. The guiding principles of workspacecloud UX design are that the user experience must be:

  • Persona based - works like the user would expect it to work
  • Immediately understandable - a user can use the system without any training
  • 100% Native HTML5 - the user can use any modern device without installing apps
  • Adaptive micro-workflow - the user gets a compelling experience from the software
  • Responsive user interface - device screen space optimised

Benefits of This Approach

workspacecloud makes it possible for your employees and sub-contractors to bring their own devices. You do not have to buy a particular device and keep track of it.

There is no training required for your staff so they can stay in the field and new / temporary staff will just pick the system up without any difficulty. Most of all, though, your people will love using workspacecloud so the system will be adopted willingly.