The Contractor

Everything is competing for my time, I need to grow my business and keep the contracts I already have and not to mention the small matter of making sure that my people are doing a good job and proving it to my clients. I need to:

  • gain time to think strategically
  • control & manage everything
  • always stay in touch
  • make sure that we operate efficiently
  • constantly keep my administration up-to-date

I have hundreds of big and small jobs coming in all the time from multiple contracts - it's not just making sure that we do them as efficiently as possible, it's the fact that if we fall behind in our administration we just have to work twice as hard to catch up.

I Gained Time to Think Strategically

This is all set against a background of lost or stolen materials, journeys taking longer and covering more miles than the route planner says they should and jobs not being done because of lack of stock or inefficient planning. Because workspacecloud integrates everything and connects me to everyone involved, I can stay on top of my van and stores stock, measure and control the performance of my business (and my people) and I even get time back to think strategically and win more business.

I Control & Manage Everything

Because all of my administration is done online and everyone is connected to everything everywhere my KPIs and customer satisfaction levels, as well as quality and safety figures, are excellent; workspacecloud helps me to deliver really good customer service in, what is, a massively competitive market and a business area that loses significant amounts of money unless everything is controlled and managed.

I Am Always in Touch

I even connect to workspacecloud when I am on holiday, it's the only way I can relax, I check my KPI dashboards, look at event notifications and even make sure that the invoicing has been done. I can do this because workspacecloud is available anywhere at any time through the power of the cloud. It is even possible to schedule jobs from home and to have surveyors and tradespeople almost constantly on the road rather than wasting time chatting in the office.

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