Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Taking out a subscription to workspacecloud will add to your organisation's CSR profile for a number of reasons.

Environmental Impact:

  • Accentua found, in a study undertaken for Microsoft, that running systems like workspacecloud in cloud-based infrastructure reduced that system's carbon footprint by 90%
  • Intelligent scheduling and route optimisation reduces the business miles your people drive this has an additional positive impact on your carbon footprint
  • Improved stock and purchase order management reduces travel miles, wastage and direct materials consumption

Social impact:

  • We maintain a fund called workspacesilverlinings so a percentage of your subscriptions are paid into that fund to be spent as you direct on local charities, community initiatives or projects
  • We pay introduction fees to organisations and individuals who spread the word about workspacecloud - some organisations such as those in the public sector or where there may be a conflict of interest such as banks or trade organisations can not accept these fees so we pay them into the relevant silver linings fund anyway
  • Don't forget that you can introduce flexible working for your office staff, saving money on desk space and allowing people with family commitments to work from home without any problems with computers, this means that you can employ a much wider range of people.

Workspace Systems Ltd is an equal opportunities employer focusing on giving young people job opportunities and accelerated promotion as well as exposure to world-class business systems, development processes and software as a service delivery methodologies. We feel that by investing in young people we are investing in the future as well as harvesting an incredible, energy and talent for making beautifully simple software for our clients. Workspace takes its CSR obligations very seriously indeed as we know you do too.

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