The Estates Maintenance Manager

I am focused on maintaining our estates at a strategic level, keeping costs down and using our resources as efficiently as possible but I am in my job to provide an excellent service to our students and staff members. I need to:

  • take on new properties easily
  • get information anywhere
  • control performance strategically
  • always be in touch
  • avoid costly internal IT projects

We have spent a lot of time and money developing our processes so that they can be scaled really easily allowing us to take on more properties without having to increase administrative staff proportionately.

I Control Performance

I get a birds eye view on our operational performance on my pad and phone whenever I want it and I pay very close attention to customer satisfaction levels and jobs which we do not fix first time. We don't have a need to invoice but we do have to account for all of our expenditure so we still go through the job closure process as though we were a commercial contractor.

I Can See Anything Anywhere

Because all of my administration is done online and everyone is connected to everything everywhere my KPIs and customer satisfaction levels, as well as quality and safety figures, are excellent; workspacecloud helps me to deliver really good customer service in what is a massively challenging job and a business area that blows its budgets very easily unless everything is controlled and managed.

I'm Always in Touch

I even connect to workspacecloud when I am away at business meetings, it's the only way I can be sure that the job is being done, I check my KPI dashboards, look at event notifications and even make sure that the accounting has been done. I can do this because workspacecloud is available anywhere at any time through the power of the cloud. It is even possible to schedule jobs from home and to have surveyors and tradesmen almost constantly on campus rather than wasting time on indirect tasks.

I Avoided the Internal Systems Nightmare

Getting the IT delivered on this type of project is a nightmare and that is why workspacecloud is really good for us because all our ICT department needs to do is make sure that workspacecloud can be accessed from our web browsers. It also means that we do not need to invest in projects or specialist devices to issue to our maintenance engineers.

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