Field Work

Update Task after selecting the workspacecloud icon from your mobile device or laptop browser you will be presented with the simple but powerful field work function. You are meant to use this function in real time, signing on to jobs when you arrive, uploading before and after photos, etc. and finally completing the task. The system uses the server's dates and times automatically leaving you to just focus on the job. As an option you can reject the task, but you must select a reason and be aware that rejected tasks are automatically escalated as a part of the Operating Manager dashboard.

Update Materials you need to make sure that your materials usage for the job is updated accurately, this information forms a part of the profitability of the job as well as contributing to the charges made to the customer. As an option you can add and update purchase orders and adjust internal stock usage. Don't forget that if the nature of the job changes then you need to add a new SOR, if you are able, or call control and ask them to do it for you.

Update Time Booking your logged on and off time will be automatically recorded but you can also adjust time bookings, if you have a valid reason, and if you incurred out of pocket expenses. you can add them in here and submit them without having to go into the office. If you completed the task then you need to select this option too.

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