Gross Margin

The Invoice tab will summarise all of the invoices raised against the job and present a Gross Margin / Invoice summary table.

You get all of the reference numbers, that you may need, listed in this view as well as a summary of notes made against the job.

You also get to see uplifts rates that were used when calculating the invoice.

The cost / sales / margin summary has been obfuscated here to show that the system does not display information to those without sufficient access to the contract.

In this case the user is allowed to see margin percentages but can not see costs or invoice values.

The invoice elements of materials, labour and SORs are summarised in the table as well. The red blocks indicate where margin is negative for the line. In this case you can see that materials and labour, because they are not charged, have a negative margin, but that this is made up for by chargeable SORs on the job.