The Planner

As soon as jobs are added either by our clients directly or via email or phone call everything I need to be able to organise and schedule the job is right in front of me. I need:

  • a daily, weekly & monthly view of my schedule
  • the system to double check everything
  • always stay In touch with customers & tradespeople
  • work flexibly (sometimes from home)
  • constantly keep my administration up-to-date

I can get a rough-cut capacity plan view and I get a full customer / property history in front of me so I can check if we are being called back to an old job or not.

I Feel Supported by the System

I just drag and drop the tasks onto the planner board; the system makes sure that the tradesperson has the right skills for the job. Many of our clients use a pre-agreed schedule of rates, most of them use a standard one but we sometimes negotiate a custom schedule. I don't need to know any of that because the system makes sure that we use the right ones with the correct uplift / 'downlift'.

I Communicate with Everyone Easily & Automatically

The system keeps the customer informed via SMS and I can send additional ones if I want, I can also send SMS messages to tradespeople if they haven't checked in - I can do all of this from the planner board. There are lots of planning and analysis tools, I especially like the weekly rough cut capacity view, that one really helps me to optimise our resources.

I Get New Features Really Quickly

It does so much and yet it is really simple and easy to use, when we need new features it does not take long at all from requesting them to them being available.

I Can Only Do This Job Because of the Cloud

The thing I most like about workspacecloud is that when my daughter is ill I can work from home on my own PC using my internet connection, my employer is really keen on this sort of thing and it's only because of this that I have been able to progress in my job.

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