Raise Invoices

Close Job workspacecloud will not raise invoices for incomplete jobs so the first thing you need to do is review the jobs that have completed tasks on them and complete them. Optionally you can maintain chargeable rates and update VAT rates if they have changed recently.

Generate Invoice the next step is to generate invoices, workspacecloud will pick up any jobs that need invoicing and do all of the work behind the scenes. Optionally you can change invoice settings, this would be unusual, or generate a preliminary invoice just to make sure that a complex invoice is correct before you generate it.

Export Invoices if you are using Sage, Xero or any other compatible accounting system workspacecloud will generate a batch file that can be easily / automatically loaded, this includes general ledger codes from the invoice settings. If you do not have workspacecloud integrated into your accounting system you may need to go into that system to load the batch file we generated earlier.

Review Export History it is advisable to review export history just to make sure that everything went through that you thought would go through.

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