Reduced stock

You will be able to cut your overall stock holding and consumption because:

  • reduce Ad hoc purchasing through planning and managing stock within an integrated system your tradespeople will have no need to buy materials
  • eliminate 'foreigners' by recording and accounting for stock as well as strong disposition management you will be able to stamp out the practice of using an employer's stock to do private work
  • eliminate overstocking of consumables by aggregating demand and managing stock levels / disposition you will naturally carry few consumable items
  • improve returns / RMA management, if items are not used for whatever reason returning them to the supplier and generating a credit note is really easy - it's actually difficult to forget to do this
  • integrate purchase aggregation & analysis, the system will analyse all of the materials, spares and consumables that you have used and suggest the best suppliers - it can actually make it quite difficult to buy off price-book if you need to go that far
  • implement low-cost management of third party materials & spares by managing third-party materials and spares in the same system as your own materials, automatically accounting for it and raising replenishment orders your cost to manage third party stock is reduced

Despite experiencing significant business growth at the time, a workspacecloud client reduced its stock holding by £80k in the first year using the powerful stock and purchase order management features of workspacecloud.