Subscription Pricing

We have designed workspacecloud to be very simple and it has a pricing model which is very easy to understand, if all you need is access to the system for your office staff and field workers then preparing a quote for you is really easy.

For us to calculate the monthly cost for you to use workspacecloud we need to understand how many subscriptions you will need for your office staff and how many field-workers you have who will need mobile access. Subscriptions are based on named individuals, however, for organisations running a two or three shift system there are discounts applying to the second and third shift so we need this information from you so that we can give you our best price.

We do offer additional value added services for data migration, integration, etc. so if you know that you need this type of thing fill in a request a quote form here here.

The form is linked to a FAQs giving you more detail about why we are asking for the information we need. In any case we are sure that you will be impressed by how competitive our pricing is and how quickly you can be up and running.

Click here to request a no-obligation quotation.