The Surveyor

I undertake property condition reports on my laptop, iPad and smart phone. I need:

  • to conduct surveys anywhere
  • to clear a property condition report really quickly
  • carry on working without an internet connection
  • keep my admin to an absolute minimum
  • use my own phone & ipad
  • stay on the road as much as possible

workspacecloud is always with me; the work that I have to do and the work that I have done are automatically synchronized with workspacecloud, in fact I never know if I have an internet connection or not.

I Only Ever Type Things in Once

When we win a new contract there are usually a lot of property condition reports to do and an agreed schedule of rates. I get to review and update all of the property and customer data that we have been given and if I correct the information on my device it updates head office immediately. Once I've checked in on a survey I can select the SOR items, make notes, take photos, etc. and these items are automatically added to the planning system.

I Use My Own Devices

It's really quite fantastic how simple it is to do my work, the company provided me with a smart phone but from time-to-time I use my own iPad or my laptop workspacecloud does not seem to care what device I use it on or where the job is, it's always there wherever I am.

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