The Tradesperson

Since we started using workspacecloud it's been a lot easier to get the job done. There is no paperwork involved in what I do now and I only really check my time sheets before submitting them because I log on and off jobs as I'm doing them. I need:

  • arrive on time
  • to focus on quality
  • have everything I need in my van
  • not have to carry excess stock
  • keep my admin to an absolute minimum
  • work within delegated authority limits

I don't have to keep popping out all the time to pick up materials or consumables because my van stock is automatically replenished, and when I do I don't even need to phone up for a purchase order number, the system generates that for me on my mobile.

I Love the Fact that My Van is Tidy

If I have to buy too many materials (because of pack size etc.) I don't have to carry the excess around with me, in fact my van has never been tidier, I just drop the items I don't need off and the system works out where it's most needed. The thing that I really love about workspacecloud is that my customers are always kept up-to-date and I never let them down because the back office is in control and takes responsibility for managing the workload.

I Work Efficiently With Delegated Authority

Most of all I don't keep getting interrupted with calls whilst trying to do the job, everything is a lot calmer now, I also don't have to keep calling the office to get new tasks added to the job sheet, you know if I'm there to fix a door but there is a loose window catch, I should fix it there and then, it's better for our client because it saves call out charges, it's better for our customer because they are more secure in their home and it's better for us because we don't have to waste time getting permission to do it, we have delegated responsibility and as long as the extra work is within limits, we can upload photographs to prove what the problem is, and I can just get on with it and make the customer happy.

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