Universities & Campuses

University Estates and other campus-based maintenance organisations employ tradespeople and contractors to undertake property maintenance activity and property condition reports. workspacecloud offers organisations in this sector:

  • world class business processes
  • ability to keep an overview on contractors
  • increased purchasing performance
  • reduced stock losses & stock levels
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • increased quality and safety performance

The key focus of Estates Maintenance is strategic planning and coping with general and specialist calls with a focus on high levels of customer service and first time fix.

These organisations manage multiple property portfolios including: student accommodation, research facilities, offices and ancillary buildings as well as parks and open spaces. They provide a very wide range of maintenance service for those properties often sub-contracting specialist maintenance services where necessary.

The key advantages, apart from functionality, that workspacecloud has over other products that try to serve this sector are:

  • operational expenditure-based low cost of entry
  • extremely modern / flexible / low cost design
  • hosted on the cloud leaving you to get on with your business
  • paid for on a subscription basis / no large up-front costs
  • highly functional and specialised to meet Estates Management needs

So if you want to find out more please get in touch, ask us for a free demonstration or even fill the form in to get a no-obligation quotation. We are here to help and are looking forward to hearing from you.

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