Why do you need to know all that information about training, integration and hosting?

Don't worry if you do not know the answers to the following questions, we are more than happy to work with you on this to get the right balance of cost and value for your organisation. The more information you can give us the better because the more accurate our quotation will be.

Do you want access to dashboards and analytics? we are asking this because the use of dashboards puts additional load on the cloud infrastructure so we need to make sure that you are still going to get good performance.

What is your preferred method of training your staff? we include eight hours of web-based training when you take out a subscription but larger organisations may want to adopt a train the trainer approach or even have bespoke on-site training courses, we can provide these services and are happy to roll the cost up into your monthly fee and spread it out over the period for which you take out a subscription.

What is your preferred method of hosting? we prefer to deliver workspacecloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) because we know that you will get incredible value for money, performance, security and scalability, also we can deploy onto that environment very very quickly and cheaply, this helps us to keep our subscription costs low. If you want to host workspace on your own servers or with a third party hosting supplier we need to factor the extra work into our quote. If we deploy in this way the service that you will be receiving is workspacelocal rather than workspacecloud.

How would you like to get your data into workspace? when you sign up we will email you a standard spreadsheet into which you can load your data and upload to us. Your Client Success Manager will check it and load it into a test system for you and if you are happy we will load it into your live system. We can give you a lot of help in extracting, merging, cleansing and transforming any data that you have in other systems but we need to know that you need this service so we can include it in our quotation.

Do your require integration into any other systems? you may have other systems such as property portfolio management, project management, planned maintenance systems, etc that ideally should be integrated / share data with workspacecloud. So we can provide for this work in our quotation we need to know what systems you want to integrate with. Remember that we produce a standard output for Accounting Systems like Sage and Xero so you only need to include your accounting system in the list if you want automatic integration.

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